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lee elci show 6-9am

NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

NLPD K-9 team attends Yarmouth funeral

Facebook video: A sea of K-9 Officers Honoring Gannon



Last chance to get you old time police picture published!
Get pictures, articles and stories to Catherine Keating
By May 1st

All photos from past and present needed!

If you have old memorabilia, badges or photos of any kind contact Catherine ASAP!


Books by Catherine and Lawrence Keating


Coffee w/cop at senior center yields some old time photos!

Sgt Frank Line han



Big Papi send President a
world series ring!

I think OSHA stated there is a cleaning problem..?

Temporary Shift Commanders office..

Get in the office pool for when old SC office remediation of mold and construction will begin..
Sign your name and pick your date on the calendar outside office.


This is the style of Shadow Box Patty has available $250.

Badge number can be put on it. She can take orders - $100 deposit.

12 hrs of careful construction.

Solicited for temporary assignment to the Vice and Intelligence section of the Investigative Services Division.

If interested, please submit an email to Capt Wright by 0900 hrs. by Mon, April 16



Union secures language on seizure of personal property.

No longer can administration just take you phone bcs they say so..
Must have cause!


Council 4 and Elks members deliver East Bunny cheer at the L and M Hospital


On Wed April 4, 2018 Chief Reichard is schedule to address city council on his proposed budget requests,

but with a fix already in from the non elected finance director it looks like FY2018-19 leaves the cupboard bare once again for the police department.

We ask our readers to support our cops to improve our staffing numbers with a viable budget.



If you can't attend in person contact Mayor Passero via his Executive Assistant
Victoria Pruett Tel# 860-447-5201/ email vpruett@ci.new-londn.ct.us or
City Councilor's Administrative Assistant Jennifer Startz Tel# 860-447-5202/
email jstartz@ci.new-london.ct.us.
Make your voice heard.


Alex Dyer visits with NL talent show kids



When workaholic K-9s retire,
it can be a tough transition..



Congratulations DA

Elk of the year!

He's rested and ready to fight!

President wrapping up vacation

Union has ACLU/Chiefs resolution TABLED
at Public Safety meeting!



EBoard Mat Casserie attends workers comp' training.


City Engineer Tom Quintin and Colonna Concrete Rep'

over look the police parking lot.... hummm?



President makes it to Key West!

The new 1st Lady...?



When it rains it pours, at police HQ...




Tour de Force raises funds to benifit the families of Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty nationwide.

Fundraiser 4/6 5:30

Italian Dramatic Club NL $25



724 never stops working...

Ret' FDNL Joe Hancock, President Lynch and Stevie take in a redsox game!
Thats no way to throw a curve ball Ace!


Coffee w/ a cop event!

Customer gives police $20 gift card good for all to enjoy!



DOC certified inspection team scheduled to inspect booking/cell block area
on Thursday 2/22 10am. Union Rep to monitor!


Kyle Lamontagne promoted to Sgt New Britian pd!
read it
The damage done by Chief Ackley will continue to be felt in
years/decades to come. As the loss of young brilliant officers like
Kyle Lamontagne will perform and shine elsewhere.

Great job Kyle!

“Kyle will take his passion for policing, community outreach and leadership to a new level today and we will be better for it,"



A Police Headquarters leaking and written up from CT-OSHA numerous times...

and funding comes in to build another new school!?

New London poised to begin $98 million high school project



Be vigilant.....

Pres' heads for spring training.


Council Meeting news

Risk Manager Gill questions why Police Union went to CT-OSHA,
when there is a safety committee....

Pres' disagrees, "Union wasn't allowed on the safety committee!"
Gill blames leak on driving rain storm; Building has been leaking for years!
Pushing body cameras; more cops would be better!
States PW Sears is asking for requests for proposals to fix..... dont hold your breath.


and the hits keep coming....

Police HQ now has a blown boiler!

NBC30 report interviews VP about building problems. WTNH report

Squad sends Bessie off with a pizza party and a bone!

Congrats to Bessies two K9 handlers J Nichols and K Gorra
Send Bessie best wishes via facebook


OSHA inspects HQ.

Will return on Monday to take samples and wipes.
Appears 2016 CT-OSHA complaint not corrected. Union files new complaint.


Shift Commanders Office moved to roll call.

Place your bets with your favorite odds maker on when
office is completed!


Last months fix.... epic fail
Still raining in Shift Commanders Office!

Body cameras are fine but can we fix the building first!

Nothing to see here.....


New K-9 shirts now available!

T-Shirts available now.
Orders are being taken for special sizes and Sweatshirts.

Email: I want a T-Shirt or jkondash@ci.new-london.ct.us


New Cruisers on the way!

Neighborhood alliance meeting Feb 13th

Every 2nd Tue of the month
NL Senior center 6:30




Catherine Keating still looking for your old photos!
Deadline now June 2018

The Keatings are producing an NLPD in photos book.
Get recognition in print for your photo.



Law Enforcement torch run meeting Feb 8th from 0900-1400
Yale West campus. Lunch included

2018 is the 50th Anniversary for the Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting Special Olympics.

Join Patty for the LETR meeting Feb 8th


Councilor Michael Passero, who had initially proposed the ordinance, said the city had a responsibility to make public safety a top priority in the budget. The Day March 2014

Pres' speaks of Man power shortage

Aug 2017

Residents rally for more police officers
in New London. August 2017



January update
Read Chucks blog here

So if anyone is paying attention the common thread repeated in all this is - we don't have enough cops. Each shift has our people plugging their fingers in the crumbling dike we call New London and hopes the dyke won't fail during our shift.
While we all standby for to multi jurisdictional city department heads deconstructing this spike in recent violence. Most if not all of those participants work Monday thru Friday 8:30-4:30, leaving only the police to once again do all the heavy lifting, with the same five cops per shift for the entire city. Maybe the answer is simply hire more firemen, because we never seem to have enough and don't need to convene a panel experts to deconstruct that request.

click for applCapt Keating expressed to members of the PCRC on 1/2/18 the need for more police, with the possible loss of 20 Officers due to fast closing in retirements.

"That city has no police hiring plan", that he knew of for hiring more police!





Thank you Faulkner & Graves for their $2,000 donation to NL K-9 fund!

We are still accepting donations for eventually 2 more dogs
click to donate
Click to donate to NLPD K-9 Unit!

Or send donation/checks to:
New London Police Union
K-9 fund
PO Box 135, New London CT 06320



New England Mechanical fixes sweatshop report room!

Happy B-Day Jimmy Hall!


Afts Squad holds Christmas Eve dinner.

Lt Galante's Mids Squad
Squad holds a pancake breakfast and evening Holiday chow event.



The Whaler Cafe, NLHS Culinary classes,
make holiday meals for 80 City families in need.

Police and FDNL help deliver meals to city families.
Special help from Shop Rite and Pezzello Brothers Fruit & Produce.



The last of the toy drive gifts being prepared for delivery!




Union Holiday party

Special thanks to DA for all his hard work!
Thanks Robin for the cookies!



Curtian Livery donates to K-9 team!

Thank you!


Cops deliver boots!

TVCCA boot drive!

Looking good!

K-9 car gets new decals!


Pattys hidden talents. Police tree!



City Council and The Neighborhood Alliance (Carl Lee) honored Nicholle Maynard with a life-saving award for administering naloxone to an overdosing patron earlier this month at the Broad Street coffee shop.

Chief Reichard issued Dyer a meritorious service citation for pulling a
child from the third-floor bedroom of a burning home in April.



Captains SUV's arrive just in time for Christmas!

Hang in there Tiny Tim... Patrol may get some crumbs.....


Members bring pizza and dance moves to Middle school talent show!

Officer Dyer challenged to dance off! Watch dance off video



A new beginning and and a new direction!
Congratulations Chief Richard

More pictures

Send the new Chief congratulations on on the Union FB page.




Members collect $2,135 for American Cancer Society!



Pam Mentone from TantorGives stops by to visit with new K9 Officers.
Thanks TANTOR!


111 turkeys. $325 check to food bank, $892 cash
To the Gemma Moran food bank!

See more pictures

PCRC member and Police friend Marie Gravel in hospital!

Get well soon Marie!


Dee Nott collects and delivers coats to the Homeless Shelter!

An annual event by NLPD's finest community giver...




2017 rifle team


We are saddened to report the passing of Monsignor Robert Brown on Saturday evening. Monsignor Brown has always been a tremendous supporter + advocate for those of within the Law Enforcement family.

Mat Galante has had the honor of serving with him on the Blue Mass Committee for the better part of the past decade. Mat can attest to his support and prayers for law enforcement as he was an integral part in organizing the Blue Mass year in and year out. He also served as a Police Chaplain for many years.
Monsignor Brown was a great man, tireless in his duties as a priest and a great friend to all of us in law enforcement. He will be missed.




Chief buys pizza for Afts squad
in appreciation of hard work last night!


Senior LT's B-Day


Local 724 participates in Halloween town.

Donates candy for trick or treaters

Thanks to the Generosity of the community and the following BIG donors:

Meet the new NLPD members!

Ofc Chris Bunkley with "Rocky" and Ofc Joe Kondash with "Jesse"!
Keep those donations coming!
Step 1 complete, Training funds still needed.



Curtain Livery also donates
$5,000 to K-9 fund!

Tantor Media is a leading independent audiobook publisher located in Old Saybrook.

Tantor Gives! is the philanthropic committee at Tantor. Now in it's 4th year TantorGives! has donated thousands of dollars to local causes that supports veterans, homelessness, animals (especially dogs) and education.


Learn about NLPDs K-9 history.

click to donate
Click to donate to NLPD K-9 Unit!

Or send donation/checks to:

New London Police Union
K-9 fund
PO Box 135, New London CT 06320


Click for a list of donors


New Elliptical machine for Union weight room!

THANKS! - Anonymous police donor


McDonald’s Employees from Colman Street arrived at the PD
to deliver Hot Coffees and Muffins to Officers and Staff in appreciation
"for all of your hard work!"


NLHS ROTC Car wash!


Yes... Thats the Norwich police boat in New London Harbor
providing security for the USS Cole during Maritime Heritage Fest...


Members give lucky students a ride to the 1st day of school!

As part of National Night Out
like it



Officers do their part for Texas flood victims

Officer Nott loads fresh water / Radio-thon at parade plaza



Dee reads to the children at TVCCA


Thank you neighborhood alliance !

Read 724 response to 8/7
City Council meeting.

Watch Ch 3 news coverage
Click wtnh

News 8 feed

Special thanks to:
J Kondash & Spouse
D Adkins
D Nott

Read 724 response to
8/7 City Council meeting.


Local 724 presents National Night Out
contestant winner with New bike
Thank You Wayfarer bikes!


National Night Out

Max out does himself in another successful NNO!




Mids blazes up the grill!
pulls out all the stops on Squad dinner



724 embarrassed ...

Waterford Pd wins friendly softball game.
724 members get ordered - in, limit pool of players to participate.
Out manned, out played, out dressed, out......
May have got some bad calls from Unpire Strecker!?



Sailfest 2017


Great investigative work by Officer L Delgrosso
Lt Galante and ACO T Kloiber!

Returns dog to its rightful owners!
More pictures on Facebook



Jay Wheeler and police friends organizing to get
Alliance groups back up and running!

Day shift treated to neighborhood cook out!

Group frustrated with limited police to patrol neighborhood.
Had asked for Poice Rep' to speak at the meeting...but....



Police Officers: Know Your Rights:

- Internal Investigations – Garrity Rights
- Internal Investigation – Weingarten Rights
- Criminal Investigation – Fifth Amendment/Miranda.

Read up on and always call your Union rep' before answering potentially incriminating questions.




3 retired traffic officers together!

Walt Morency, Retired Traffic Sgt. Dominic Bonanno (89 years old),
and Eddie Hedge. Sgt Moreau in back



Alex and Jordan complete grueling week long Police bike training!

See highlight video of training



Chief Reichard sends Ritas Italian Ice to the squad for Fathers Day!

Dyer misses out on FREE food!



Special Olympics Torch run Patty raises $500!

Team 724 More pixs


Make a wish benefit Volleyball tournament
Team 724 donates $320 to make-a-wish
Goes 3-1 in tournament

See more action photos





Dee christens new pd lunch room kitchen!

Serves Day shift Sunday breakfast.



Congratulations to Josh Bergeson and Rick Stringer
MADD award winners!

This is Josh's 5th MADD award and Ricks 1st!
like it















web page counter

NL credit uion



Just call him..

Ninety-nine point five!

Good job skinny!

Officer Sean Gannon
Yarmouth Police Department
EOW 4/12/18


Thank you Kristin Edwards
for your $5,000 donation to the NLPD K-9 fund!


Six union members attend Trooper Miller’s funeral.

Lt Pickett, Lt Galante, Sgt Laurie, Officer Bunkley,
MPO Suarez and Officer Cable


April update is out!

Read chucks
new blog!

Passero and more!

Day shift wishes Dan J a
Happy B-day!

He's not really that old....


Casserie and Omara atttend grevience hearing
W/ Tina Collins.

The next wave of 724 Union stewards.

Say it ain't so!?

Snack machine is full!


State finds two serious health violations at New London Police headquarters

Read The Day report

Union sends CT-OSHA report/ findings to Ledge Light Health District for independent input on exposure risks to our members and to ensure City remediation efforts meet within acceptable health standards.


Council 4 launches new website


724 stands behind
our Sister!

The Day




Members attend active shooter training!

At Mashantucket

AFSCME Pres Lee Saunders

We're under attack!
Supreme Court case in Feb that attacks Unions!


Recovery room
gets new owners!


Jimmy gets squad award!

697 Tix in one year!

Hoping to get it right...
this time...

Contractors attempt to fix the leaky Shift Commanders window... AGAIN.


Union donates 6 gifts card to 6 needy families
at NL Covenant Shelter

Union Treasurer w/ Dawn Lancaster
of NL Covenant Shelter

New report room
counters to HIGH!

Carpal tunnel syndrome claims to rise!

Chief hands out spiffy new NLPD knives for the Dept!

Thank you
Chelsea Groton Bank!



Chief Reichard!


New London police receive $22,100 for DUI enforcement!


Rick Stringer passes elite
Motorcycle training!

Good job Rick!



New London police welcome new K-9s Rocky, Jesse

(Tim Martin/The Day)

Congratulations Officer Lieteau has been chosen as the Groton Elks Lodge #2163
Officer of the Year
and will be honored on 10/ 20/17
Trish also selected to receive the United States Attorney's Office Community Policing Award!


Mike Martin doing bettter!

"Thanks for all the
donated time!"


Catching BIG fish
at a 143ft depth

On the Great Lakes!


State police want to know who leaked documents about New London officer!


Dave Collins caught in
the radar trap!

Ret' NLPD Chris Langello finds himself in the old pictures in the lunch room.


Chief State's Attorney: Emboldened Juveniles Endanger The Public


Summer snack for afts!
Lewis buys squad

Dillys bars!

City loses appeals ruling!

Hearing video


Mayors comments not factual

Manpower issues makin
g New London less safe

READ 724 response



Its come to this...

A can of found spray paint to touch up cruiser bumper..


Det' Crandle 2017
Dept' Top Gun !



Moke sends greetings

from Hawaii !



Mike Lewis treats Afts
to steak dinner!


Mutual aid officers up in Norwich eat like kings during Rose fest fireworks.

Wish we could return the favor...


Master Patrolman
Dan Jaramillo and
Wayne Neff!

20 years


Quaker Hill elementary students flood HQ with numerous cards of thanks and support for police week!

one of the hand made cards
from students


Colonel just realizes he might of been screwed!

What the?!

Hopefully help is on the way!

City recuiting certified Officers!
Read posting


Local 724 celebrates 50 years with AFSCME!


Sgt Max pulls some dance moves at Community
Talent show



New police ID's being issued!

See Sgt Keating for appointment

Patrol numbers dwindling!

Loss to promotion & resignations has it looking like another hostage summer approaching!


The long suffering broken bathroom stalls in men's locker room are scheduled to be fixed soon by DPW!

With the new partitions and hardware that has been stored in the maintenance bay for the last 4 years!

Even after numerous fixes of the roof @ police HQ.

sIt still leaks...
The bucket brigade in the lunch room


Union letter to editor

New London police
did their job











Remember.. Part of your Union dues goes to.

Legal defense fund


Union Challenge coins have arrived





Listen to Lee Elci interview W/ Pres Lynch (17MB)
lee elci show 6-9am



Streck and Romanos business
up and running!

Click for info
Click for info