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Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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New London Emerald Society
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Join the NLPD

how to become a police pfficer
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law enforcement job openings
Designed by law enforcement professionals and technology experts, PoliceApp.com is the smart solution to the process of recruiting and hiring quality candidates for police and CT law enforcement job openings.



Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

724 President attends Mayoral Candidate Mike Passero's
forum on Public Safety. More



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Union pays for and supplies 300 kites for the kids on Aug 4th @ Ocean Beach Park!




Veteran New London police
lieutenant retires.
Read it

Potts said the chief, and not the bid shift program, is the reason he is leaving.


Union sponsored children's fishing tournament!

Superstar Kathy Browne feeds and supplies kids with bait/tackle and a great day!


Sneek peek at the New NLPD Cruiser!



Is it more important to promote a Capt
or hire lateral transfers..?

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Promotional opportunities

Capt Crowley still on the books till jan 2016


Good Luck Dr Tabatha Maiorano!

After 12 years of working at DMHAS/SMHA and 11 years of working solely as CIT with the Police, Dr Tab will be leaving DMHAS/SMHA and going to DMHAS/RVS in Middletown as an evening shift Supervising Clinician.

Dr Tab will continue to teach the police and be involved in police organizations and initiatives as a DMHAS employee and (some) on her own time. Officers will continue to see Dr Tab at yearly CIT trainings, CABLE trainings, Academy classes, and LEC monthly trainings.


Union fundraiser begins 6/22

Organization local 724 donates to:

Carter Scholarship football
United Way Gemma Moran
Food drive
Make a wish foundation Volleyball
Wounded Warrior
NLHS police academy
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special Olympics basketball
/ torch run
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
TVCCA boot drive
Blue Mass
McCourt Foundation



Day shift bids farewell to Kevin

Cake and laughs on his official last day



click read it
more pix
Afternoon shift ordered not to attend....
Read Day article


NLPD Rifle team goes to the range



Moke turns in his gear
Squad has cake and swap stories

Turns in his gear

Lt K' transfers Dino Pin to Neal

Video - Mokes first day of retirement

Team 724 donates $100 to make-a-wish foundation
Goes 2-3 in tournament. BEATS Waterford pd!

J Pelchat, Dee Nott, Bonkowski, Krodel, J Zelinski
Past years Pictures


Sgt Results are in!

LT results

Detective results
flynn buzzelli



Old school NLPD qualify at the range.



Brontosaurus soon to be extinct from Dino squad.

Moke cleans out 30 years from his locker!
"I'm over the drop zone, waiting for green light!"
Official date June 6, The Day of Days

Old 38 revolver

First weapon 32 years ago.




President and VP on the field at Fenway with Attorney M Segar
For Union Day at Fenway!

Comp' Union seats.


Congrates John Green New London Elks
Law Enforcement PO of the year!

Kerry Hibbs Dispatcher of the year!


Motorcycle Unit preps for motorcade - Pres visits CG.

Lunch for all provided once again by Local 724

Local Officers participate in Police Week!

DA, Cable-Cabe, Trisha Marcaccio, Hendo


Patty and Z are again 300 shooters!
While Wayne Neff takes "Top Gun" status!


Whaler football team washers police cruiser for fundraiser!



B-Lo hands out NLPD literature
to LEC applicants

as they depart testing in Groton.

52 new applicants take test.

As mayor, Passero said he would set a goal of hiring at least six new police officers each year until the department reaches the mandated level of 80 officer and would not meddle in the department’s business.

“It pains me to see what has happened to our police department under the current administration,” Passero said. “Our dedicated officers on the city’s streets are keeping us safe. They need and deserve a professional management structure free from political interference.”

2 new recruits Ashley James and Jordan Salas



Big Guy to attend FBI National Academy this Fall.

Capt Wright

Its mission is “to support, promote, and enhance the personal and professional development of law enforcement leaders by preparing them for complex, dynamic, and contemporary challenges through innovative techniques, facilitating excellence in education and research, and forging partnerships throughout the world.”



Ackelys attempt to decertify Dave McElroy FAILS!

POST drops Ackleys complaint: READ



Old friend Dan Talbot (LAPD) to be promoted to Detective 3 !
Det' 3 is equivalent to LT, Leaving NLPD pays off again!

1990 - Dan and J Newlin at 40 Crystal Ave - 2011 Dan during LAPD training


Local 724 member reports that recent city safety meeting provided preliminary findings from OSHA report on police department air quality.

OSHA was asked to come in after several 724 members have developed ear nose and throat symptoms.
Investigation found:

- Temperatures varied throughout the building
- CO2 was acceptable
- Humidity was very low for time of year
- Mold was moderate throughout the building
- High mold located in areas with water damage:
Patrol Captain's Office, Shift Commander's Office, locker rooms
- Dust found in building was tested identified as: plastic, fly ash, tire particles and outside pollution

Read Union archives on 2007 issues here

EPA publications outlines :
The remediation manager's (city) highest priority must be to protect the health and safety of the building occupants.

Member complaints of headaches, sinus infections rise AGIAN!

2007 Mold in dispatch

Local 724 will continue to be a PRODUCTIVE part of the community.
Hundreds of dollars donated and time volunteered.

Carter Scholarship football
United Way Gemma Moran Food drive
Make a wish foundation Volleyball
Wounded Warrior
NLHS police academy
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special Olympics basketball / torch run
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
TVCCA boot drive
Blue Mass
McCourt Foundation

Photo by Tim Martin

Neighborhood alliance
Adopt a family, Fishing tournament, easter egg hunt










NL credit uion





Mid- July update
Chucks blog

This months report
51 overtime shifts to be filled
Sailfest report & Thanks
Finizio "Our way Frwd"
Lt Potts
Dr Tab


East Lyme takes care of mutual aid officers!
Buzz and La Lee eat like kings

East Lyme (M.A.) officers barely get water during Sailfest!


UNION presents
retirement badge


Detectives step up!

Fill numerous shifts over Sailfest weekend!

Forget 'Exit Interviews.' Here's Why You Should Conduct Stay Interviews Instead.

Deana and Joe Buzz to fill vacant Executive Board positions.

Order ins continue...
but at least you got a

1.5% raise as of July 1 !



Sal Luciano, Executive Director Council 4
A transition team comprised of Council 4 and Council 15 leadership is being put in place to address the details of the unification.


Moke and Foreign Review

enjoying retirement


A silent chief, a troubled New London Police Department
read it


Council approves $30,000 for 2 dogs


Kyle and Cable-Cabe volunteering at The Friendship School during their Field Day event!

(serving New London and Waterford children)


Capt' reveals Chiefs plans for an ORDER -IN SUMMER

Beginning change over:
Sun-Wed 1 extra post 24/7
Thurs-Sat 2 extra posts 24/7
Already weary troops have to fill more vacant positions.


Chief asks Council to fill the 2 vacant K-9 positions!



Local 724 donates $100 to

NLHS 2015 non alcoholic
Graduation party.



Smitty now
Director of Security

Cross Sound Ferry


Acting Chief Reichard exchanges challenge coins

with the president!
History of the coin

Reminder: Bike shorts may be worn per CBA.

from Memorial day
- Labor day


New Law Enforcement Tribute Video Worth Seeing

Marine Unit officially sunk...

Sells at auction $6,500


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Ret' LT Mike Finkelstein
Every Wed live
Phot from The Day
lee elci show 6-9am


We Must Stand With Law Enforcement Officers!

AFSCME President Lee Saunders blog

Missy assigned to

Cold Case Squad


Pottsy speaks out
read it
Read letter to editor



Smitty speaks out.

Read letter to editor


Administrations new car shuffle matrix video
Emergency calls have to wait until.....



NLPD honors Newtown Victim Emilie Parker


Congrats Sgt Johnson and Sgt Strecker on new
Master Sgt patches!

Internal review clears Lynch of wrongdoing in arrest of New London business owner!

Read it

Summary Judgement
in favor of T Lynch!
Read - Lynch V Ackley


Renshaw report
marty olsen says
Police dept is in purgatory, low morale, let the chief go, lets move on!


New London Police Chief Ackley must go;
but how?


Police union donates the Bait for 40 children at

The Neighborhood Alliance fishing Tournament!



UNION telephonic fundraiser
TCI click
Union returns monies back to the community:

Carter Scholarship
United Way Gemma Moran
Make a wish foundation
Wounded Warrior
Neighborhood alliance - easter egg hunt, fishing tourny, adopt a family Christmas gifts, toy drive
NLHS non alcoholic senior party
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special olympics
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
and more..

Sheffield Pharmaceuticals
Donates $500 to NLPD Color Guard!


American Police Beat article

Law Enforcement leadership