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Stay tuned for info
on Union party scheduled for Feb 8th.




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marshall law:

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lee elci show 6-9am

NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

VP to attend AFSCME meeting

concerning body cam legislation.

Union Meeting Jan 26th

Mayor Passero, S Fields,
PCRC Chair Rich Baez
& Chief R to address members.

Members need to attend and
hear this!


The new command staff


Its looking brighter each day!

New chairs arrived!

Compared to the used ones
someone else got us. $5


Super heroes team up in Key West

Helping the homeless



Congratulations Rob and Max

Send your congratulation and see more pictures
All councilors attend promotion ceremony...
Except for one!



Members step up during public comment to
voice their concerns over PCRCs direction
under Chairperson Wraight.

Rich Baez voted in as
new PCRC Chairperson -Unopposed!

Local 724 would like to recognize long time board members
Mary Gravel, Wayne Vendetto and past member Carl Lee!
Thanks for your service over the years.

Congratulation Rich we look forward to working
in a positive direction!


CHRO complaint file against Union members by a Union member..
DISMISSED - without merit.

Internal complaint also clears all three of any wrong doing.



Afts' squad is treated to a Holiday feast!

Thanks Lt Galante and Palmieri's Rest' !


Deana and Joe Nott do what they do best!
2 families in the city get a Merry Christmas

Thanks to the Notts, Waterford PD, Waterford youth service,
Lynn Macione , and Padgett and sons.


President delivers a CLEAR message
to his members.

Takes some swings...
Preaches for a positive
enviroment to work in.

Police: New London officers not out of line during college incident.


PDs team up for joint police operations!

Command van to be deployed

Union donates Shop Rite gifts cards.

Police friend Carl Lee uses cards
to deliver meals to Seniors This Friday!


Union donates Grocery and toy gift cards to
Adopt - a - Family


Members deliver boots to needy famlies!
TVCCA Boot drive

Over 800 boots delivered to needy kids over the past 7 years!


Toy drive Sat Big Success!
Toy-R-Us Waterford

More photos

Wall of Fame:
Officer Max Bertsch, Officer Mike Lewis, Sgt Laurie, Officer D Adkins, Officer Benway, Capt T Bergeson, Deputy Chief, Officer Donahue, Officer Kelley, Officer White, Officer Cable, Officer Dyer, Officer Pelchat, Sgt LM Keating, Officer Jaramillo, Officer Kondash,



Local 724 members donate $500 to Waterford Pd

for Sgt Dimmock to help his family after a fire at his home.



Congrats Robin !

Enjoy, you deserve it!


SRO Lewis and BDJMS staff recognizing Jaiden Mills

for being an outstanding student with tickets
to the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra.



Are you kidding me Dept'.....

Sometimes police K-9 don't work out with their handler. This was the case recently with a Clinton PD K-9. NL K-9 Master Trainer T Lynch could of obtained the fully trained K-9 for $1,500. A fraction of the estimated $7,500 a fully trained K-9 costs.
The City balked, and chose not to fill the vacant K-9 position.

That very K-9 recently responded to New London's call for K-9 assistance... Now as a member of the Groton Town Police K-9 team!


No Shave November raises $2,055!
For Cancer Society

Members come through and go beyond the goooooal!
Pres Lynch presents check to Ms Thompson
Senior Manager for American Cancer Society



Thanks Chelsea Groton Bank for the pizza!


Pack the Paddy Wagon
85 Turkeys, $602 cash donations for Gemma Moran
MORE Food drive photos




The E Team!

2016 VFW’s Police Officer of the Year Award. This year’s award will be bestowed upon:

Officer Daniel Jaramillo
Officer John Green
Officer Melissa Schafranski
Officer Christopher White
Officer Mikhail Liachenko
Officer Eric Hulland





Retro Pix of the month!

NH Emerald Society Parade - 1996
P Reichard, S Dautrich, C Flynn
Send your old time pix We'll post 'em!


Union donates $500 worth of candy for Dwtwn Halloween town event

Union donates $250 to Cities
United Way campaign!

2nd wave.. NLPD Rifle team 2016



2016 NLPD rifle team!


"Believe 208" run held in memory of Officer Paul Buchanan.
First responders who took their own lives.

CABLE offers mental health support and services to first responders,
including peer support training and financial assistance.

CABLE Co-founded in 2003 with Capt (Ret) Ken Edwards NLPD



The New London Lodge of Elks Annual Law Enforcement Night,

This year the recipient
Sergeant Kevin McBride
Tiffany Schultz

MC Todd Lynch keeps the crowd in a light mood.
Thanks to the Elks for a wonderful meal!
God Bless Herbie!

Entire Command staff attends!
except for....




Listen to the new Lynch / Lee Elci interview

lee elci show 6-9am

Members participate in the 9/11 memorial service at City Pier.














Promotion lists

Sgt list

LT results

Detective results


NL credit uion



Listen - Chief final sign off


Councilors assure Union President that funds for Detective postion will be approved on Jan 17th Council meeting!

Watch live council
meetings here


Now on sale at Capital Uniforms.

NLPD knife w/ logo $19


Union and City come to agreement -

Depts K-9 Trainer will be involved in selection process of new K-9 handlers.


New year resolutions

Meet Darwin Garnett

Norwich Bulletin
NLPD and Marine Vet


50 Families get
Holiday meals!

Holiday drive conducted jointly by the school district and New London firefighters and police officers.

Thanks to our gift wrappers!


724 remembers
Sandy Hook
Union Challenge coin

Emilies playscape @ Riverside Park 12/14/12

Special thanks to
Fisher Florist for donating the flowers.



Josh Malaro to take over vending machines.

Town's Entire Police
Force Quits !

The police and government relationship deteriorated as new elected leaders took control.

Lack of adequate supplies and skimpy funding for the force.
Shared a single bulletproof vest.
Discouraged from using town cruiser to save gas.



Discipline rescinded !

President Lynch shows Santa the emial rescinding 724 members verbal counseling. Just another nonsensical order issued by The Capt rescinded.


G-bye Chief
Thanks Chelsea Groton Bank
Food drive
and more

Successful Holiday Toy Drive
sparks PD Investigation
Police administration seeks answers why Union member toy drive organizer posted his city email address as point of contact in Union press release for Toy Drive.
Union readies for strong reply to latest nonsense from Division Commander.


Tactical skunk removal

Dayshift must remove a skunk as the odor was creeping through HQ vents.



Dean comes to the end of his extended leave- Nov 26

Contract works for me!



Joe Courtney, R Blumenthal
Chris Soto, P Formica, and H Somers on political wins


Remember.. Part of your Union dues goes to.

Legal defense fund


The dangerous lie cop haters tell to neuter our police.

Eugene O’Donnell, a former NYPD cop, is a professor of law and police studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Union Challenge coins have arrived


FBI director: Stats don't back up claims about police shooting epidemic.

Last minute flu shot!

Thanks VNA for our contractual benefit of flu shots!

Our Dear Leader
Wraight at it Again



New Haven Police
Chief Resigns

anyone listening?
" Union President Miller said Tuesday’s announcement by Esserman will now enable the cops “finally [to] focus on doing what we’re supposed to be doing — working with the community and doing police work without any distractions.”

New School Resource officers clean out Max's car.
Tag team of Benway and Lewis to take on challenges of BDJ and NLHS.

Butchie ties the knot!

Wedding Pix coming soon.
Mugs, Sloanie and Smitty a few of the ol'NLPD in attendance..


Listen to Lee Elci interview W/ Pres Lynch (17MB)
lee elci show 6-9am

A message from the President.

It's been a tough week for all of us. I personally wanted to thank each of you for your efforts and dedication that allowed each of us to return home safely to our families.


Obama’s false racism claims are putting cops’ lives in danger

An article submitted members
Police across US patrolling in pairs after ambush attacks


Kevin McBride
now Master Sgt!

DA saves woman who fell in water by throwing her an anchor!

Marine 1, won't be responding!

On Dec. 29, 2015 four Secret Service agents traveling on Route 16 in Wakefield, NH were working a campaign detail when they were hit head-on by another car. Secret Service Agent Garrett FitzGerald, the most seriously injured, was left paralyzed from the chest down


Local 724 gives Police friend
Tom Maynard(C.O.P.S.)

Union Proclamation!

Day shift ordered to
attend PCRC picnic.

"Officers shouldn't have to attend a picnic by an organization that has recently been disrespectful and hostile towards police."



Auburn Ma Police Officer Ronald Tarentino
was shot at about . during a traffic stop.


Black lives matter in New York — thanks to the NYPD


Bill Bratton gives advice on how not to get shot by cops


Time to move to Canada!
Ontario decides to give first responders workplace insurance coverage for PTSD



Victory for Unions !
Supreme Court Ruling in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

2 new recruits get their lockers!

Stringer on his own starting Sunday!


AFSCME Pres' Lee Saunders

"Four More Law Enforcement Officers Shot in Line of Duty"


Union settles Lynch bridge jumper grev'.

Lynch made to suit up after assisting WPD ELPD in finding suicidal person. (off duty)
$$$ Pay me $$$



Mike "Spiderman" Liachanko

Scales sharp wire fence
to get his man!

Powerful police video shared by one of our members


Stove Burnin and Whamo have come across this old Badge and are curious of its origins.

Go to our facebook page if any of you old timers recognize it or can provide some insight.




Streck and Romanos business
up and running!

Click for info
Click for info


Good Job Neil and Dee!

Recipients of the Parole and Community Services Division Community Partners Award.


Buzz Finishes TOP in his class! At POSTC Firearms instructor 2 week course!
Like it on facebook
Final Qualifying round of 300! Shotgun instructor as well..
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Listen to the Lee Elci
lee elci show 6-9am
Todd Lynch interview here!


New London Police Chief Ackley must go;
but how?


A silent chief, a troubled New London Police Department
read it


Forget 'Exit Interviews.' Here's Why You Should Conduct Stay Interviews Instead.