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lee elci show 6-9am

NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

Softball game rescheduled

NLPD v Norwich

Aug 19 10am Bates Woods

Union meeting

Thurs Aug 16th

Block Island Shenanigans!

Thanks to all the Union volunteers
and all mutual aid departments that made the night a success!

Special thanks to star of the show
Mr Balloon animal, Josh Malaro!


New all purpose shirts are in!

See Joe


Arooga’s made a big donation to members of the union volunteering their time.

Good job Mike!

NL police Union recognize Samayra for her outstanding
contributions to school and the community!

Force referendum by Republican Town Committee and
Neighborhood Alliance cuts public safety even MORE!

Police budget would be cut $216,000 under the proposal!


Max represents at the middle school deep sea fishing expedition!



The New London Police Union- AFSCME Local 724 Executive Board unanimously voted to endorse Democrat Kevin Lembo for re-election as State Comptroller, citing his unwavering support for middle class working families and dedication as the fiscal guardian of our pension and health care plans for many first responders.



Afts send off Jordan and the Bro with
a pizza party!

Squad changes

Day shift surprises Rusty

Happy 59!



FDNL and AFT rally at parade plaza!


Supreme Court Sides with Billionaires Over Working People
Janus v. AFSCME Council 31

AFSCME President Lee Saunders.

President Lynch:
"It would be a horrible mistake for any member to opt out of the union"
"They will hear our voices loud and clear!"



Sgt LM Keating and Sgt Flynn attend Walt Greene funeral via NL MC

Connecticut State Trooper First Class Walter Greene passed away in the line of duty following a courageous battle with cancer as a result of his response and service in support of New York City in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack.


A new day rises!

Thanks RS



Midnight Shift celebrates Sgt. McBride new assignment and wishes him well.....

Kevin new records Sgt

First day at the new postion
Welcome to day shift!

Oh ya, its the weekend,

Your Ordered - in for afts!



Local 724 wanted to take the opportunity to make you aware of the tremendous support Chris Bunkley received over this past weekend when K9 Iris ran off after being spooked by a neighbor’s fireworks.

During the approximately twelve hours that Iris was missing, 6/2/18 @ 2130 hours until 6/3/18 @ 0900 hours, a number of agencies and individuals assisted Chris in locating her.

The following is list of those who helped. Thank you so much!
CSP Dispatch Troop E & Troop K, CSP Troop K, NLPD members Darin Omara, Jeff Kalolo, Joe Kondash, Matt Cassiere, Larry M. Keating, Brian Laurie, Waterford PD K9 Unit Dan Lane and Pat Flannigan, Groton Town PD K9 Unit Eric Korteweg, Shawn Lesee, Joel Lenda, Cheshire PD K9 Unit Rob Regan, Willimantic PD Lt. Paul Hussey, East Lyme PD K9 Unit Mike Jezierski, Salem Volunteer FD Chief Gene Maiorano and department members, and many others who called or text in support.



Team 724 goes 1-3 at Make-a-wish benefit!

Past years pictures



Jesse and Iris helecopter training!


Polishing the turd...

PW sands and gives cell block a new coat of paint!



Board of Ed buys Panara Bread lunch for entire district!

While Police Union must feed their members during
major events bcs police budget is bare bones.



Afternoon squad squeezes in a Memorial Day picnic!

Ordered in Day shifter says; "You Afts guys are Allllll Right!"



Isaac School 7th graders drop off treats and thank you notes!




SCR-SWAT fundraiser to benefit Officers and families of the NH explosion.

Mr and Mrs K join the benefit at Stony creek brewery - Branford


How about some more cops Alma!
Nartatez promised to bring what has been a contentious issue
back for a vote of the full City Council.

Police union president Todd Lynch said the committee has spent too long debating an issue and not enough time addressing the lack of police or the city’s willingness to obey an ordinance mandating 80 police officers.

“I wish the public safety committee, especially the public safety chair, would put as much effort into hiring police officers as they have into this resolution which really has no teeth but has taken up their time for months,” Lynch said.




Police Union Fundraiser to begin May 21st

TCI america
TCI America has been a national leader in police and fire fundraising for over thirty years. TCI works hard to bring quality, professionalism and stability to the field of fundraising for local police and firefighters.

Click - where does my donation go?
toy drive food drive


Coach strecker gets accidently struck in the noggin by a stray softball!
Get well streck!



3 new fireman, Finance Committee adds $ to NLPS budget!

Weekends coming.. brace for order-in impact!



Trustees dig through the books. Annual audit.

Send report to Eboard.
"This is a lot of work for one person"


Afternoons takes it on the chin all weekend!

16 open shifts on Mids over the weekend to be covered by Aftn squad.
Could use more than One Cop on July 1 Mr Mayor!
Welcome back Ashley.....your ordered in



Whitey steps up!

Might see some ribs or soupy in the candy machine!



Chief gives Smitty a NL Police mug and
Mike Mariano delivers it.

Missed at the meeting....

City has Lateral Officer to be hired and ready to go July 1st.

MC attends PCRC meeting.

Kris Wright again calls systematic racism and declares investigation inadequate. Lone dissenting vote.

The big three...




Retiree firearms day!



NLPD K-9 team attends Yarmouth funeral

Facebook video: A sea of K-9 Officers Honoring Gannon



Last chance to get you old time police picture published!
Get pictures, articles and stories to Catherine Keating
By May 1st

All photos from past and present needed!

If you have old memorabilia, badges or photos of any kind contact Catherine ASAP!


Books by Catherine and Lawrence Keating


Coffee w/cop at senior center yields some old time photos!

Sgt Frank Line han



Big Papi send President a
world series ring!

I think OSHA stated there is a cleaning problem..?

Temporary Shift Commanders office..

Get in the office pool for when old SC office remediation of mold and construction will begin..
Sign your name and pick your date on the calendar outside office.


This is the style of Shadow Box Patty has available $250.

Badge number can be put on it. She can take orders - $100 deposit.

12 hrs of careful construction.

Solicited for temporary assignment to the Vice and Intelligence section of the Investigative Services Division.

If interested, please submit an email to Capt Wright by 0900 hrs. by Mon, April 16


Alex Dyer visits with NL talent show kids



When workaholic K-9s retire,
it can be a tough transition..





EBoard Mat Casserie attends workers comp' training.


City Engineer Tom Quintin and Colonna Concrete Rep'

over look the police parking lot.... hummm?



President makes it to Key West!

The new 1st Lady...?



When it rains it pours, at police HQ...




Tour de Force raises funds to benifit the families of Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty nationwide.

Fundraiser 4/6 5:30

Italian Dramatic Club NL $25



724 never stops working...

Ret' FDNL Joe Hancock, President Lynch and Stevie take in a redsox game!
Thats no way to throw a curve ball Ace!


Coffee w/ a cop event!

Customer gives police $20 gift card good for all to enjoy!



DOC certified inspection team scheduled to inspect booking/cell block area
on Thursday 2/22 10am. Union Rep to monitor!


Kyle Lamontagne promoted to Sgt New Britian pd!
read it
The damage done by Chief Ackley will continue to be felt in
years/decades to come. As the loss of young brilliant officers like
Kyle Lamontagne will perform and shine elsewhere.

Great job Kyle!

“Kyle will take his passion for policing, community outreach and leadership to a new level today and we will be better for it,"



A Police Headquarters leaking and written up from CT-OSHA numerous times...

and funding comes in to build another new school!?

New London poised to begin $98 million high school project



Be vigilant.....

Pres' heads for spring training.


Council Meeting news

Risk Manager Gill questions why Police Union went to CT-OSHA,
when there is a safety committee....

Pres' disagrees, "Union wasn't allowed on the safety committee!"
Gill blames leak on driving rain storm; Building has been leaking for years!
Pushing body cameras; more cops would be better!
States PW Sears is asking for requests for proposals to fix..... dont hold your breath.


and the hits keep coming....

Police HQ now has a blown boiler!

NBC30 report interviews VP about building problems. WTNH report

Squad sends Bessie off with a pizza party and a bone!

Congrats to Bessies two K9 handlers J Nichols and K Gorra
Send Bessie best wishes via facebook


OSHA inspects HQ.

Will return on Monday to take samples and wipes.
Appears 2016 CT-OSHA complaint not corrected. Union files new complaint.


Shift Commanders Office moved to roll call.

Place your bets with your favorite odds maker on when
office is completed!


Last months fix.... epic fail
Still raining in Shift Commanders Office!

Body cameras are fine but can we fix the building first!

Nothing to see here.....


New K-9 shirts now available!

T-Shirts available now.
Orders are being taken for special sizes and Sweatshirts.

Email: I want a T-Shirt or jkondash@ci.new-london.ct.us


Every 2nd Tue of the month
NL Senior center 6:30


Law Enforcement torch run meeting Feb 8th from 0900-1400
Yale West campus. Lunch included

2018 is the 50th Anniversary for the Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting Special Olympics.

Join Patty for the LETR meeting Feb 8th


Councilor Michael Passero, who had initially proposed the ordinance, said the city had a responsibility to make public safety a top priority in the budget. The Day March 2014

Pres' speaks of Man power shortage

Aug 2017

Residents rally for more police officers
in New London. August 2017








Sailfest 2017




Jay Wheeler and police friends organizing to get
Alliance groups back up and running!

Day shift treated to neighborhood cook out!

Group frustrated with limited police to patrol neighborhood.
Had asked for Poice Rep' to speak at the meeting...but....


Alex and Jordan complete grueling week long Police bike training!

See highlight video of training


















web page counter

NL credit uion



Griff rips it at the

Waterford speed bowel!


Congrates Jordan S and Marco Z

VIS & SWNTF bound




City budget cuts cause PD to look like just another New London absentee landlord property!




President on the field

Yanks v Red Sox
Game of the week!

The much awaited

August update


Last day celebration
TBA soon

Weekend Overtime
/ Order-in update.

18 vacant shifts Aug 12
20 vacant shifts
Aug 5
20 vacant shifts July 29
20 vacant shifts July 22
84 shifts over Sailfest wknd
20 vacant shifts June 23rd
14 vacant shifts June 16th

23 vacant shifts June 9th
15 vacant shifts June 2nd
18 vacant shifts May 27th
21 vacant shifts May 20th
23 vacant shifts May 12th


Day shift takes over the grill
for an afts feast!

Jordan S whips up breakfast!

Sailfest selfies

See more action pixs



Apply by 8/10



Congrates Trish!

Trish Lieteau to be promoted to Sgt - Groton City July 2


Katherine Keating goes high to capture Department photo

for her new NLPD in
pictures book

Six union members attend Trooper Miller’s funeral.

Lt Pickett, Lt Galante, Sgt Laurie, Officer Bunkley,
MPO Suarez and Officer Cable