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George Potts and Sequia
1st runner up Wasson Award








Dear Members of the Community,

The New London Police Department is excited to announce the revitalization of the department's K9 Unit with the selection of Officers Chris Bunkley and Joe Kondash as our newest K9 handlers. Both will be assigned cross trained German shepherd dogs for patrol work and narcotics detection. The program used to have four dogs now has just one bloodhound, these new dogs will plus two more in FY18-19 will significantly boost K9 capabilities.
Our twelve former canines: all served with distinction and now rest at Rainbow Bridge awaiting their handlers. Our K9 Unit has a proud history of excellence recognized by the Wasson Award for Connecticut's Top K9 Team in 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004 and 2008. We expect our tradition of outstanding service to the community to continue.
Expanding our program with these new K9's will allow us to assist officers in many aspects of policing including the location of illegal narcotics, criminal apprehension, tracking of both suspects and others who may be lost and in danger, evidence recovery and school participation programs that help building bridges with community relations.

The cost for these two trained dogs is $28,000. New London Police Chief Peter Richard has asked the Police Union to partner with him to raise money for these new dogs. With your support we can take a bite out of crime and make our city safer for everyone.
Please note that 100 per cent of your generous donation will go directly to the purchase and training of the dog and handler.
All donations, large and small, are appreciated.

Please make your check out to: New London Police Union - K9 Fund.
Donations can be dropped off at the Police Station or
mailed to New London Police Union, PO Box 135, New London, CT 06320.

Should you have any questions please contact our department at 860-442-4444
or by email: jkondash@ci.new-london.ct.us or cbunkley@ci.new-london.ct.us

Thank you for your continued support of the New London Police Department.

Todd Lynch- President


K-9 supporters:

Nearly $5,00 raised at IDC Pasta dinner fundraiser!

Thank you New London Community!



Kick off campaign with $3,000 donation!


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Curtain Livery also donates
$5,000 to K-9 fund!

Tantor Media is a leading independent audiobook publisher located in Old Saybrook.

Tantor Gives! is the philanthropic committee at Tantor. Now in it's 4th year TantorGives! has donated thousands of dollars to local causes that supports veterans, homelessness, animals (especially dogs) and education.

Thank you Blu-Prints Unlimited!

Donates $1,000

Donates $400

Donates $500


Meet the new NLPD members!

Ofc Chris Bunkley with "Rocky" and Ofc Joe Kondash with "Jesse"!
Keep those donations coming!
Step 1 complete, Training funds still needed.



History of New London K-9s
In 1993, The Connecticut Police Work Dog Association Inc., established "The Daniel Wasson Memorial Canine Award".

Officer Wasson was a Milford, Connecticut Police Canine Officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Wasson made the ultimate sacrifice; it is in his memory that these awards are given each year.

New London Officers and their K-9s who have been presented the Wasson award:
These annual awards are chosen from line of duty deployments that exemplify the highest tradition of police canine law enforcement:


1995: Trooper Todd Lynch and K-9 "Uriah", Connecticut State Police. Uriah sustained multiple stab wounds during the tracking and apprehension of an armed felony suspect. Uriah recovered from his injuries and returned to duty.
1998: Officer Gregory Williams and K-9 "Nero", New London Police Department. Officer Williams and K9 "Nero" were selected for numerous felony apprehensions.
1999: Officer Gregory Williams and K-9 "Nero", New London Police Department. Nero's efforts resulted in 13 felony apprehensions during his first year of service. In 1999 Nero engaged a subject and stayed engaged during an exchange of gunfire in which Officer Williams was shot in the forearm.
Officer George Potts and Sequia - 1st runner up
2003: Officer Morales & K-9 “Niko” of New London Police Department were selected for responding to a robbery in progress by three suspects at approximately 1:00a.m. at a local bar. When they arrived the suspects had run into a wooded area where Niko had tracked the suspects and was shot by one of them with a 9 mm which passed completely through him missing all his vital organs, but still continued tracking them. All three suspects were later apprehended. Niko recovered fully from his wound and faithfully still serves and protects his handler with the New London Police Dept.

2004: Officer Morales & K-9 “Niko” of New London Police Department were selected for responding on July 2nd 2004, at approximately 2244 hours, to assist Norwich Police Department in locating a male suspect who had just committed a robbery and murdered his victim with a shot gun blast to the chest. K-9 Niko was deployed into an apartment where the suspect was believed to be hiding. K-9 Niko located the male hiding in a completely dark basement. The suspect surrendered to avoid a K-9 apprehension. K-9 Niko was recalled and the suspect later identified as the man responsible for the robbery homicide and was taken into custody without incident. Also during the past year K-9 Niko had many successful tracks and apprehensions along with finding a total of 28.9 grams of crack cocaine for the year 2004.

2008: Officer Matthew A. Galante & K-9 "Ike" of New London Police Department were selected for numerous successful tracks and apprehensions in New London and also neighboring towns. The team also located a suicidal person and may have saved the victim from ending his life.

Les smith, bill nott, eric deltgn, grohicki
First K-9 Team

eric detgen

eric and rocky
Eric Deltgen and Rocky

shaka and pheonix
Shaka and Phoenix - Eric Deltgen

rocky and thunder


Chad Stringer and Kiva

Greg Williams and Nero


Jr and Ike
Jr Morales and Ike

Jeff Newlin at home with Bandit
Bandit good dog
From "The Day" article - 1993
Sg Nott
Sgt Bill Nott

Wasson Award for top K-9 - Ike and Mat Galante

Sgt Bill Nott back ground - The Day Article 1993




Swearing in of new chief

Swearing in a new chief

get the message mayor
Save our K-9 unit! 2012

Mat Galante and Ike


Public access TV - Ike


George Potts and Sequia
1st runner up Wasson Award

Mark White, Mindy Sparkman, Sequia


Keith Crandle and Wolf

Ike tracks through the mud


Citizens police academy

Kilo, Jasper, Ike

K-9 team sends Luke off.


Kilo visits Sgt Sawicki (ret) at Beechwood Manor

2012 Rally for the K-9 Unit

All dogs support NLPD!

Mat and Ike accepting award

Kilo and his bust

K-9 unit congrates to Kyle - Good luck at CSP!

Sign making for 2012 rally

Niko at pack the paddy wagon

Besse gets a tubby

J Michaud and Buck

J Michaud and Buck

Jasper, Kilo, Buck